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Kathy Kirk


Kathy Kirk

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Kathy Kirk has led an extraordinary life becoming a Consciousness Bridge. In every activity, Kathy’s focus is to observe the Human Spirit interface in the body/mind and It’s application/effect in the individual Life to understand how we naturally create our physical reality to live fulfilled lives.

She is the Creator and Founder of Applied Spirituality – The Ordinary Person’s TOE (Theory of Everything) continues to evolve from research, observation, experiences and contemplation. Applied Spirituality explains Consciousness as cause of every effect. She is also the author of two books each with an online course, The Earthling’s Quick Start Guide: Master Operating Your Unit on Earth and Well Done. She redefines patriotism as the courage to answer one’s personal Call to Adventure as an Ordinary Hero, using the details of one’s physical life to awaken into a conscious life having gained a Higher Perspective.

She is a compelling speaker, conducts seminars, private/group life coaching and has a business degree from Cornell.

Tips and Suggestions:

  • The field of Human Development, Self – Help, Empowering People is all about your own personal growth and expansion, first. It is neither what I’d call a profession or a career, but rather a fulfilling of your mission.
  • Most folks come to this through a personal crisis where they find themselves living somebody else’s idea of a good life and so begins the personal awakening.
  • It is the Ultimate Explorer’s Club where you never stop learning and devising ways to convey the new science, the new consciousness, the new Higher Thoughts to others in ways they can understand and actually implement into their lives.


You can also find additional information about Kathy Kirk at her website.

Kathy Kirk
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